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Store your Simply Shammy in a Standard Stamp Case.
Tip No.2

The Simply Shammy is designed to clean your Stamps quickly and easily. They are to be used damp - run under clean cold water from the tap and squeeze out. If you keep it close by it will be used more often, but I don't want anything wet near my paper and work...accidents can happen.

So my plan is to store it in a Stamp case on my desk ready to use.

It is recommended to allow it to dry out between use - I am yet to see if it will dry out sufficiently when stored this way. Your comments and experiences with the Simply Shammy appreciated!

Here are some details about the new Simply's  on page 208 of the new 2018/19 Catalogue.


Sharni Haines
Stampin' at The Maples

Beautiful Paper Craft

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Hello lovelies! I'm Sharni Haines from South Australia, welcome to The Maples where beautiful paper crafts and magical memories are created! I am in LOVE with paper crafting & other mixed media art. 

One of my biggest joys is inspiring & sharing the joy of craft with others and creating a wonderful community of crafty friends.

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